Contract Division

Kico Contract Division is able to develop any project in the contract world. Creative thinking, client input, and quality expectations move from abstraction to concreteness through specific know-how. Every element is taken care of in detail, perfectly combining quality with production costs and project timing. Our strength is the ability to support developers and manufacturers in the theme of furniture, with the possibility of working with both mass-produced products and dedicated realizations.



From the analysis of the design concept and project standards, KICO Contract Division develops customised solutions for the realisation of products for the residential, hospitality and office sectors.



A team of collaborators that is constantly growing in number and specialisation: each with their own experience, with great design and executive skills. Roles and skills that can also overlap to contribute to the value of the result, through sharing and collaboration.

KICO puts specific professional skills and the whole KICO world at the customer's service: materials, finishes, fabrics, leathers and upholstery are designed to meet precise requirements in terms of functionality. For more information, please visit the CONTACTS section of our website.

Contract Division