"We believe that preserving the places where we live, and the species that inhabit it with us, is an indispensable goal. A sense of respect for life guides our efforts to regenerate habitats in the name of our common future. It is everyone's duty to allow new generations to enjoy the environmental heritage that the past has given us."

Our Commitment to the Corporate System

As outlined in our corporate Mission and Vision, KICO has the center of its mission in its people, primarily its employees. That is why we firmly believe that the protagonists of this project will be first and foremost the employees who, through their everyday actions, will enable the achievement of ambitious environmental sustainability goals.


"We do Care"

Respect the planet. Respect man. The well-being of our employees, collaborators and customers is our constant. We are constantly searching for solutions and materials that will safeguard the environment and comply with sustainability protocols.

18,000 sq. m. of Photovoltaic Panels

In our production facilities, we embrace the business philosophy committed to reducing pollution, contributing to energy conservation and fostering environmental sustainability through the use of photovoltaic panels. 18,000 SQM of solar panels stretch above our factories making maximum use of solar energy, making us self-sufficient.



Certified products

The company uses ISO 9001: 2015 Certification for the production of furniture for Night Collection, Living Collection and complements. This certification gives us the confidence that our partners aim for a level of quality that meets international standards. A quality management system is nothing but the best "modus operandi" to ensure quality throughout the entire production phase.

Certification of good forest management

The tradition that binds us to the culture of wood is consolidated with the achievement of important milestones, such as the certification FSC , which guarantees that the cellulose raw material comes from certified forests, thus managed in a sustainable way. At the customer's request, therefore, we work with panels with FSC certification, in order to guarantee and demonstrate the proper use of forest products.

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Small steps toward big changes

Even in our offices there are countless ways to contribute. We have started with small steps, but toward big changes. In all of our company's offices and environments there is in-house recycling, through separate waste collection. The goal for this 2022 will be to replace "Disposable" PET bottles with customized water bottles. A Green choice to cut down on the consumption of water in plastic bottles. Another simple way to make a big difference: the use of LEDs. LEDs use 85 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and last up to 20 years. Did you know. In our company we use in all offices and rooms, only LED lamps.

Care At Home